The desert Djanet is troubling beauty.It offers its visitors without concessions or restrictions,with its dunes, its sand so fine with sparkling colors. In one place, the design change and the colors are changing: from brown to yellow, through the white, red and even beige. 

Travel to Djanet wonderful idea ..  Djanet will be happy to welcome you.. 


Gueltas (natural water deductions) in the Canyon of Essendilene,north of Djanet,Sahara,Algeria. It is in these gueltas, who swarm in the Sahara, the Tuaregs are drinking their camels and drink themselves.One should absolutely not swim, otherwise contaminate water.


Ihrir it's Oasis exist between the Mountains of Tassili , and There is in the oasis Ihrir the palms and lakes , 

Ihrir city olso called safety Aldrnin,it's said ihrir Because it was a conduit for silk dealers in the direction of Niger.The silk Stick to trees "Acacia" This gives the impression that all the city glittered.

 also called safelyAldrnin because the water being in the valley Over the year. What I noticed I was wandering in the evening Golden color of its water because the color of their  mountains reflected on their lakes.


Tikoubaouine is located 40 KM north of Djanet, she is known for his ark,Tikoubaouine at the foot of the cliffs of Tassili N'Ajjer, This inhospitable area is a maze of rocks in balance and sandstone fortresses.There are also natural arches formed by erosion and extreme weather conditions..

4-Erg Admer

The vast wilderness and collated of Erg Admer located opposite the Tuareg city of Djanet (Large southern Algeria).

The white sand dunes of Erg Admer, not far from the town of Djanet Touareg.

 A partial view of the Erg Admer just before a sandstorm.

Erg Admer "cleaned" after a night of rain.The colors are a different glow;This rain is a blessing for all the inhabitants of the desert ... but it is rare!

5-Timghas or Timras

On the road Illizi to Djanet fifteen kilometers to the north, a group of rocks that are remnants of an eroded table and arise fine sand as pustules. Surely a very beautiful place ..

6-tigharghart or the crying cow

"the crying cow" is one of the best known of the Sahara region. The number of tourists is greater than elsewhere. This is the price of success I suppose ...

All qualities that the whole world will have the opportunity to discover at the Mediterranean Games in 2021. Pending, Here is a guided tour of El Bahia through the camera Hamid Mohamed Khadraoui which generously agreed to comment on his photos.

1- City center

"Taking advantage of the opportunity to be on the 22nd floor of the residence Antinea, I took this photo with a breathtaking view of the street Khemisti
and buildings of the waterfront. "

2- Historic district Sidi El Houari

"I took this photo of the historic district of Oran, Sidi El Houari with its great mosque, during umpteenth mounted in Santa Cruz, on the heights of the city. It has become urgent to immortalize this old neighborhood endangered by the new construction

3-Tramway to Place of weapon

"Finding myself on the weapon instead of morning, I noticed this old lady who wanted to cross. I immediately took the reflex to photograph. Fluke happening right behind the tram. I liked the contrast between modernity represented by tram and the traditional style of the old lady. "

4- In Motion

"The neighborhood of my childhood, Mirauchaux Street, 3rd stage,
I stand there, watching the street, between movement, horn and people in a hurry. "

5- Twilight Street Khemisti

"It was a winter day with a bright sun, I took this picture late afternoon with this very soft light when I was Khemisti Street, city center."

6- the captaincy
"View of the captaincy at the port of Oran, not far from what was the neighborhood Scalera ".

7- Andalusian

"An autumn day, on the beach of the Andalusian, cross walkers came to find some tranquility facing the sea and fishermen."

8- Lovers at the beach 
"By going to the favorite beach, I noticed a young couple sitting surrounded by these not to the crossroads, souls who meet and separate."

9- The Virgin Mary of the Bastille Street

"You have to raise your head a little to see it in a corner of the building on the first floor, rue de la Bastille, it is there, always there, waiting for the pilgrims who will bring her flowers."

10- Chapel of Santa Cruz

"From the chapel of Santa Cruz, it dominates the city under the statue of Our Lady of Hi, now under renovation."

11- Urban mishmash

"East of the city offers an urban face changing that combines the ancient and the modern, raising fears that Latin imprint fades."

12- Sunset

"When I'm close to the sea, at sunset, I never fail to take a picture because it is always nice to look on the computer in rainy weather."

After sunset, Algeria gets even more beautiful and each of its cities shines a thousand lights.

In Algeria has selected 21 photos that represent our country in the evening in all its brilliance.

You 20 amazing picture of the number  Algerian cities during and after sunset.

1-BAB EL Oued (Algiers)

2-Maqam Echahid (Algiers)

3-EL JEMAA JDID (Algiers)



6-DELLYS (Boumerdes)















21- Tassili ( sahara of algeria)